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** 2 Years for 1 computer AntiVirus/Antispyware/Antispam only 41.95



PC and Server Antivirus

Solution-I recommends **AVG Internet security.

We aim to protect your systems from Virus Attacks. The occurrence of Viruses is on the increase today and many PC's are infected without the users realising. This puts at risk the personal data saved on a PC and if a server is infected in the case of a business it can cause loss of all the company data (unhappy customers) and huge related costs to repair the damage.

The main product we recommend is AVG Internet Security for both home users and business. Solution-I supply and install AVG Internet Security. We provide consultancy regarding your AntiVirus AntiSpyware and Antispam Protection and put in place a solution which will be updated automatically when new Viruses become a threat.

Your e-mail system is the main method by which a Virus can enter your network and as such should be protected. Solution-i Design can implement an AntiVirus product to scan all incoming and sent e-mail. Please ask our team for more information.

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